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Create the most efficient storage solution by utilizing a Rigid MOLLE Panel™ in your personal case or tactical toolbox. Grey Man Tactical manufactures panels to specifically fit in a variety of tactical gun cases. Law enforcement, military personnel, and armed citizens are a few of the many benefiting from RMP™'s ability to mount, secure, and better organize firearms and accessories in a case.



A gun case, whether a soft or hard case, is a great solution to store and transfer your gun. If you’re headed out to the range or keeping your gun secure in a closet or vehicle, an organized gun case can provide safe and efficient storage.

There are some pretty great brands and variations of gun cases out there, but most of the time, you’ll find the interior storage solution, typically foam inserts, somewhat delicate and restricting to your unique collection.

That’s where Grey Man Tactical can help. Our Rigid MOLLE Panels (RMP™) and That’s where MOLLE attachments provide the ultimate protection by mounting a variety of long guns, handguns, supplies, and accessories within your case. Digging through a cluttered case is not only unsafe but also inefficient. Ensure your firearms maintain their value with a unique storage system to fit into whatever gun case you own.


Quick access, customization, and protection of your gear are a few of the many benefits you’ll find from the ability to organize a tactical case. Our RMP™ systems are a simple, yet functional solution to incorporate your favorite mags, MOLLE pouches, and whatever other gear in a toolbox, handgun case, or rifle case.

Rigid MOLLE Panels™ are manufactured in the United States with HDPE, a durable, sag-resistant High-Density Polyethylene. They provide a hard mounting ability you can't find with alternative cloth MOLLE or foam interiors. Trust an American-made system to create a custom case and support your gear.

We manufacture RMP™ compatible with a variety of top gun case brands including Condition 1, Pelican, NANUK, PLANO, ROAM Adventure Co., Contico Cargo, and more. Not sure what size will best suit your gun case? Check out our Case Fit Guide, compare the interior dimensions of your case with our selection of sizes, and feel free to reach out with any questions.


Everyone has different pieces of gear, which is why Grey Man products are both customizable and modular. Building the perfect shotgun case, AR storage solution, or custom pistol case is simple with the right support system and attachments.

Putting together a customized storage solution is simple. First, our most popular design, the #501 Case Lid Organizer, is the perfect start for a variety of Pelican cases or case lids. This Pre-Configured Package can integrate your handgun, rifle, and mag. Choose the panel size to fit the dimensions of your case lid.

If this package doesn’t fit your exact needs, don’t worry. You can add on whatever attachments accommodate your scoped rifle, extra magazine, pistols, and equipment. You can even build your own package from scratch. Start with a Rigid MOLLE Panel™ that fits your case, and explore our wide selection of mounts and attachments.

Attachments for a Custom Gun Case

If you own a gun or multiple guns, chances are you own a good bit of gear and accessories to go alongside your weapon. We feature some of the highest quality MOLLE attachments to keep your equipment mounted in one, organized case.


Patented RMP [Rigid MOLLE Panel]™ grid design

Organizational platform for critical gear

Consistent positioning of critical gear enables quick access

Universal MOLLE compatibility

Weather resistant, non-corrosive build

Load-bearing, sag resistant construction

Durable high performance Polymer build
RMP Backer Plates Series™ enables seamless hard mounting of gear

40+ RMP™ models engineered to equip your vehicle, backpack, case + safe

Standardized sizing fits all applications

RMP™ can be quickly reorganized or interchanged for next task

1” slots for RMP Carry & Pull Handle™ and fastening

0.25" perimeter holes for paracord and screw fastening

Hand-finished, American made craftsmanship


Which RMP™ size would be compatible with my gun case?

  • Check out our Case Fit Guide to learn more about which size will best fit your Condition 1, NANUK, Pelican, PLANO, or ROAM Adventure Co. case. You can also measure the dimensions of your gun case to gauge which RMP™ will best fit on the interior or lid.

How do I attach my RMP™ to my case lid?

Are your products made in the USA?

  • Yes. We manufacture our high-quality products right here in the United States.

Do you offer any other tactical storage solutions?

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