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  1. Rigid MOLLE Panel FAQ
  2. Installation Instructions

Rigid MOLLE Panel FAQ

  • What material are the Rigid MOLLE Panels?
    • 3/16" Black HDPE
  • Are the Rigid MOLLE Panels weather resistant?
    • Yes they are. Constant UV exposure may damage them over the course of several years.
  • Do the Rigid MOLLE Panels accept my brand of MOLLE pouches?
    • We have tested a wide range of the most popular MOLLE Pouch brands and all have worked. You may need to modify the weave because of the thickness of the panel, but you can still attach the pouch firmly to the panel. WTF straps work great for pouches that do not have an integral strap built in.
  • What Diameter are the holes around the outside edge?
    • All panels have 0.25" (1/4 inch) holes around the outside edge to facilitate use of paracord, shockcord, Chicago bolts, or mounting screws.
    • Some Panels have 0.125" (1/8 inch) holes lined up for use with specific Pelican Case Lid Mounting points.

Installation Instructions:

Click Here for Vehicle Seat Back Installation Instructions


Click Here for Locking Rifle Rack Installation Instructions


Standard Webbing Mounting Straps:

  • Install the short strap with female buckle onto the panel by weaving the webbing through the slot and back through the "tri-glide keeper".
  • Note that the ideal location for the mounting straps for a driver/passenger seat back panel is shown below.
Rigid MOLLE Panel Mounting Strap Installation Rigid MOLLE Panel Mounting Strap Installation Rigid MOLLE Panel Mounting Strap Installation Rigid MOLLE Panel Mounting Strap Installation Rigid MOLLE Panel Mounting Strap Installation Rigid MOLLE Panel Mounting Strap Installation


How to Mount to Pelican Case Lid Without Screws:

  • 1. Cut 3M Dual lock into 2" strips.
  • 2. Dry fit and mark on Rigid MOLLE Panel and on Pelican Case lid (Or any other case or surface you want to mount to) where the 3M Dual lock will stick (Recommend one 2" strip every 12"-16" apart)
  • 3. Where the 3M dual lock will be adhered, wipe the case lid and the Rigid MOLLE Panel with alcohol wipe to clean surface, allow to fully evaporate.
  • 4. Brush thin film of 3M Primer 94 onto surface of both Pelican Case lid and Rigid MOLLE Panel where 3M Dual lock will adhere, allow to become tacky
  • 5. Peel and stick 3M Dual lock pieces into place, apply pressure
  • 6. Allow adhesive to cure before heavy use.

Installing Blackhawk! Serpa Quick Disconnect System

This can be used with any holster, just mount the "Male" wheel onto the holster of your choice, and mount the "Female" base onto your Rigid MOLLE Panel, Plate Carrier, Belt Paddle etc. to use the same holster across all your platforms.



MOLLE Pouch Installation Instructions:

Standard MOLLE / PALS Webbing Lace On System:



Esstac Pouches with included WTF Straps Installation Guide:



Esstac 6 Cell Pouch, Maxpedition Pouches, and other pouches with loose enough webbing loops on the back can be used with Blackhawk Speed ClipsTactical Tailor Malice Clips, or Duraflex Molle Sticks.


Blackhawk Speed Clips


Tactical Tailor Malice Clips
Duraflex Molle Sticks
Maxpedition Pouch with supplied Straps


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