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Perfect for GoRuck GR1 26 and GoRuck Bullet 15L

First is my 10.75x19 in for the GORUCK GR1 26 (my original purchase). Note the carry handle and the Grimloc clips that I also purchased. Next, the same 10.75x19 panel fit in my NOBULL gym bag that I use daily for coaching CrossFit. Note the second set of Grimloc clips at the bottom. Can’t believ...



For me this EDC is all about the interior. To the untrained eye, the outside of the rucksack is quite neutral but the inside? That we can have some fun with. 

Are you leaving home ready for the fight of your life?

I recently picked up some products from Greyman Tactical, honestly had no idea what to expect. I was just racking my brain trying to answer all the questions I had. Was the quality going to be top notch? How was a 0.188” thick piece of High Density Polyethylene going to hold a rifle and accessori...

Land Rover Custom Rear Door Panel

Thanks to Nick Bratton for the great write up on a custom door panel he made using a Grey Man Tactical Rigid MOLLE Panel, head over to his page to check it out by clicking here: