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Truck Gun Storage Ideas for Your Gear

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The concept of a “truck gun” – that is a rifle or shotgun stored in one’s vehicle – is one that has really taken off in the past few years. No doubt this has been aided by the proliferation of large-format, AR pistols and similar guns that fit ever-so-well into a vehicle’s cab.

High-quality, safe, and secure storage options haven’t gotten quite as much attention as the guns themselves. This article will discuss some storage considerations and options for truck owners, including Grey Man Tactical’s RMP (Rigid MOLLE Panel), the perfect storage device for firearms and other important accessories.

Concealed Carry in Your Truck

There are a number of reasons you may adopt a “truck gun” and come up with a way to store it. If you are a law enforcement officer, you may have to carry a long gun in your vehicle. Often the storage solution is provided by your department but not always. A police officer might have an unmarked patrol car and issued rifle or personally owned shotgun but could be left to furnish their own storage solution.

Hunters are another category of firearm users, routinely transporting rifles and shotguns in their vehicles. Hunters need a way to secure their firearms between home and hunting camp, or game lands to home or wherever the hunt takes them.

Then there is the fair share of citizens who take their right to self-defense seriously and opt to have a long arm in their pickup truck. Truck guns are popular for those who desire more protection than a concealed carry handgun affords. A truck gun is also a great idea when camping, off-roading, or venturing into the wild for whatever reason.

Truck Gun Storage 

Top Considerations for Truck Gun Storage

There are several considerations you should keep in mind when deciding how and where to stow your truck gun. Your use case will dictate which of these considerations is most important to you. For example, an LEO with a rifle in his or her car all day every day has different considerations than a hunter taking a couple shotguns out to a duck blind a few times a year. All of these considerations will probably apply to everyone carrying a gun in their vehicle to varying degrees.


Regardless of who you are and what you do, security is a top consideration. We don’t want to lose our firearms, and we certainly don’t want our guns to get in the wrong hands. It would be hard to swallow the idea that your personally owned weapon was used to commit a crime.

“Security” also means secure not only from bad guys but also from unauthorized users. If you have toddlers, school-agers, or teenagers in your vehicle you should take pains to make sure they can’t get to your firearm. Same goes for adults you don’t know. Security is a consideration for all of us; considerations like these should help you determine how high security is on your priority list.

Who has access to your vehicle? Is the gun to remain in the vehicle when it is unoccupied? Where is it unoccupied (i.e. do you work downtown where vehicle break-ins are common?)? These are a few questions you should be asking yourself regarding security.


Safety is another important consideration. A firearm just tossed in a trunk or floorboard isn’t the safest solution. An unprotected trigger has the potential to be pulled by foreign objects upon hard braking, a tight turn at speed, or a passenger stepping on the gun because they don’t know it’s there. There is also the potential to pull the trigger when blindly reaching for the gun because it may have shifted while traveling. Like security, safety is another consideration that applies to every user, all the time.

Quick Access

If you are a law enforcement officer, this may be one of your top priorities. When a cop rolls out with a long gun something has gone wrong and lives are on the line. The ability to retrieve the gun quickly is pretty important.

Truck gun safes are not going to cut it for this factor. Unlike gun safes, a vehicle gun rack will keep your gun mounted in place and provide easy access when you need it most.


A firearm storage solution should offer some organization. You don’t want your rifle piled on top of other stuff or cluttering up your already limited storage space. Your gun can get scratched, your optic can get dirty, and sights come out of adjustment. Organization also lets you know exactly where your gear is, all the time, so you can access it without having to dig around in a slide-out drawer, tool box, or storage box.

Good storage systems should also organize some other gear, too. An ideal rack should be able to hold some extra ammunition, a first aid kit, and whatever other equipment you need to support your truck gun and how you use it.


The ideal solution shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all. Not all guns are the same size. Carrying a traditional hunting rifle and a large-format pistol is going to require different mounting solutions. Ammunition storage for each is going to be different. Not every user needs to carry the exact same support equipment. A decent solution will take care of security, safety, quick access, & organization. A great will be customizable, too.

Gear Storage in Car

The Truck Gun Rack: The Ultimate Storage Solution

The reality is, a Truck Gun Rack is the only storage solution that checks the box on all of the above considerations. Grey Man Tactical offers an impressive array of truck gun mounting solutions to satisfy any and every truck owner.

Seatback mounting is the most common law-enforcement application due to the need for rapid deployment. Grey Man Tactical offers a variety of seatback mounting options, each of which can be customized to the user’s needs. These models are available to fit a wide variety of rear seat sizes and mounting preferences. One of our favorite accessories for seatback panels is the RMP Cover. This black, weather-proof cover conceals the contents of the RMP from plain sight while keeping your valuable gear clean and protected.

But that’s not all. Mounting options are also available for dashboards and consoles. Our smaller RMP panels are perfect for mounting small gear whether that be a handgun or utility bag to your passenger side or center console.

Grey Man Tactical also offers an underseat option for seat bottoms that fold up. I really like this because with the seat down the gun is not visible from the exterior of the vehicle yet is still quickly accessible.

Jeep owners with limited floor or console space might prefer RMP used as a roof rack. For those driving sedans, MOLLE racks are also available for mounting under the trunk lid. A few of the many ways to customize and adjust how you use our panels.

Safety & Security Solutions

For those with security concerns, don’t worry – Grey Man has got you covered. Our available locking rack secures your rifle to your vehicle with a steel cable, providing both convenience and security. There are also several other secure mounting solutions, including a locking system that secures either the rifle’s forend or buffer tube. And, if you want to secure a handgun in your vehicle, Grey Man Tactical also sells a biometric handgun locker that mounts to any MOLLE panel.

Not only is this mounting solution safe and secure, but it also looks pretty sweet. All of the materials are high-quality with excellent fitment and finish.

Truck Storage for a Variety of Gear

The RMP and RMPX lines of rigid MOLLE panels aren’t just for guns…though they do hold guns. They are customizable from short submachine guns to long rifles and shotguns, and everything in between. They are an outstanding, all-in-one solution that can work with just about any combination. But that’s not all.

Plenty of other stuff can go on these panels, too, like ammo. AR-pattern magazine pouches are available, making sure you have plenty of ammo readily accessible. Carry a shottie instead of (or, ideally, in addition to) your AR? Not a problem – Grey Man also sells shotgun cards that can be mounted directly to the platform via adhesive Velcro patches. Oh, and if you already own mag pouches the RMP will work with any MOLLE pouches.

We‘ve got you covered with safety/security, too. Fire extinguisher mounts are available, as well as mounted glass-breaker/seatbelt cutters. Grey Man also sells a variety of tear-away first aid kits and mounted tourniquet holders. The extra mounting solutions for medical gear help put essential tools in the right place at the right time. And of course, there is a variety of utility and general-purpose pouches that can be attached to the RMP.

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Closing Thoughts on the Best Truck Gun Storage

As a quick reminder, it is up to you to understand the relevant gun laws before carrying a firearm in your vehicle – we don’t know you or where you live.

At the end of the day, the Grey Man Tactical RMP/RMPX mount system is a really versatile option for anyone looking to store a truck gun. It is safe, secure, customizable, and organized – everything you need to carry your truck gun and the stuff to keep it running!

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