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Vehicle Rifle Rack - Buttstock Cup + 6" Extension + Rubber Clamp + Cable Lock - 15.25 X 25 RMP™


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Vehicle Rifle Rack - Buttstock Cup + 6" Extension + Rubber Clamp + Cable Lock - 15.25 X 25 RMP™
This seat back rifle rack includes Grey Man Tactical™'s leading rifle rack updated to include the anodized black buttstock cup and 6" extension to allow the buttstock of the weapon to drop down near the floor board.  It also includes the popular Master Lock™ Python cable lock to pass through your weapon when needed for security, making this a great choice for your safe weapon transportation needs.

Package Contents:
QTY 1 - 15.25 X 25 RMP™
QTY 1 - Buckle Loop-Around + D-Ring RMP Strap™ Black [Headrest]
QTY 1 - Buckle Loop-Around RMP Strap™ Black [Seat Bottom]
QTY 1 - QuickFist® Go-Between Clamp - Enlarged [Handguard] + RMP Backer Plates
QTY 1 - RMP™ Buttstock Cup Kit - Standard OR XL Cup - Black Anodized
QTY 1 - RMP™ Buttstock - 6" Extension - Black Anodized
QTY 1 - Master Lock® 5/16" Python Adjustable Locking Cable

This seat back RMP™ is compatible with all vehicles from compact cars to full sized trucks, helicopters to MRAPs.

The 1" nylon webbing and heavy duty buckles loop around the headrest and around the seat bottom and cinch to a snug, solid fit. Included D-Ring's can be used instead of the loop around strap by lifting adjustable headrests out of their socket and slipping the D-ring onto the headrest post.

Buttstock Cup Compatibility:
Standard - most standard hunting rifles and shotguns along with M4, AK, and other buttstocks. Internal Dimensions: 5.37" long x 1.75" wide x 1.29" deep.

XL - Aftermarket stocks that are wider or taller, along with most pistol braces will fit into the XL. Internal Dimensions: 6.25" long x 2.6" wide tapered down to 1.72" wide x 1.29" deep.

WIDTH 15.25" | 387.35mm
HEIGHT 25" | 635mm
THICKNESS 0.188" | 4.77mm
WEIGHT 83.16 ounces | 2357.54 grams 85.63 ounces | 2427.56 grams
MATERIAL Injection Molded Glass Filled Nylon
BRAND Grey Man Tactical™
SKU 000478 / 000479

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