Scottlock™ Gun Magnet Pair
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Scottlock™ Gun Magnet Pair
Scottlock™ Gun Magnet Pair

Scottlock™ Gun Magnet Pair


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Scottlock™ Gun Magnet Pair

A pair of heavy duty, rubber coated magnets.  Each magnet is rated to 43lbs and can be used for a wide variety of tasks.  These magnets were specifically designed to work in conjunction with our Scottlock™ and a rifle.

  • High quality powerful 43lb rating
  • Protective rubber coating will firmly hold your firearm without scratching it
  • Easily hide the magnet in your vehicle, under a table or dresser drawer, etc
  • Perfect to use inside safes & more

Package Contents:
QTY 1 - RMP Backer Plates
QTY 1 - #21953 18-8 Philips Flat Head, Black Oxide Finish Machine Screw
QTY 1 - Scottlock™ Gun Magnet Pair (Includes two pieces of double sided tape, drywall anchors, and screws)

- Locking Rifle Mount - Scottlock™ LE
- Locking Rifle Mount - Scottlock™ PRO

WIDTH 1.3" | 34.92 mm
HEIGHT 3.7" | 95.27mm
THICKNESS 0.2975" | 7.55 mm
WEIGHT 11.04 ounces | 313 grams
MATERIAL Neodymium Magnet
BRAND Scottlock™ + Grey Man Tactical™
SKU 000391

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