34.75 X 13 RMP™ [Rigid MOLLE Panel] by Grey Man Tactical
34.75 X 13 RMP™
molle panel insert for Pelican Lid Organizer
Pelican Lid Organizer
all gear in one spot on the Pelican Lid  with Organizer
attach your Pelican Lid Organizer with Velcro or screws
molle pouches and ammo on the lid of the pelican case, Pelican Lid Organizer
rifle in case with Pelican Lid Organizer
34.75 X 13 RMP™

34.75 X 13 RMP™

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RMP Pelican 1700, 1720, 1750 Lid Organizer and Horizontal Cargo Area Gear Panel

- Pre-drilled holes to line up with mounting points in lid of Pelican Case

- Rigid Panel prevents sagging

- Attach MOLLE style pouches to organize your gear

- Customize with Adhesive Backed Loop to accept Velcro Hook Pouches

- Use GMT backer plates to hard mount accessories

- 0.25" holes on edge for mounting with screws

- 1" slots for attaching 1" Webbing Mounting Straps and Handles

The RMP was designed for modular organization on a rigid platform which can be secured in the lid, base, or walls of hard side cases among other applications. Quick access to your gear is enhanced by the consistent positioning and customizable layout. Inserted into any hard side case or vehicle, it gives you the tactical ability to organize your mission critical gear on an interchangeable platform that can be swapped out or quickly reorganized as the mission changes.

Product Specifications

Width: 34.75" (882.65mm) 

Height: 13" (330.2mm) 

Thickness: 0.188" (4.77mm)

Material: High Strength Polyethylene 

Panel Weight: 29.5 ounces (836.3109 grams)


Pelican and Hard Case Compatibility

The 34.75in x 13in RMP fits:

- Pelican 1700 Case Lid

- Pelican 1720 Case Lid

- Pelican 1750 Case Lid

- Leitner Gear Pod XL

Mounting RMP to Pelican Case Lid

Molded Screw Mounting Points:

- Line up the pre-drilled holes on the panel with the molded mounting point and fasten with the "#8 x 1/2" Pelican Case Mounting Screws".

- It is recommended to line up the top center hole and fasten with a screw there first.

- If there is a an issue with the holes not lining up perfectly a standard drill with a 0.125" or similar sized drill bit to create new mounting hole

Slick Lids with No Molded Screw Mounting Points: 

Many models of Pelican Case and other Hard Side protective cases do not have any molded mounting points. In this case we avoid using screws as it may pierce through the exterior of the case causing damage to the air/water tight nature of the case. Instead we specify using 3M Dual Lock adhesive backed tape (available on our site). In order to adhere to the very slick plastic of the hard side case as well as the RMP, we specify using the included 3M Primer 94 to prime all surfaces where 3M Dual Lock will adhere.

- Wipe surface to be adhered to (RMP and corresponding surface on Hard Case Lid) with an Alcohol Cleaning Wipe. Allow to completely dry.

- Apply 3M Primer 94 to RMP and Hard Case Lid where 3M Dual Lock will be adhered. Allow to tack up per directions supplied with 3M Primer 94.

- Peel and Stick 3M Dual Lock into place, use firm pressure to ensure 100% contact is achieved.

- Allow to dry over night and then snap RMP panel onto Lid of Case.

Vehicle Compatibility

- Compact to Full Size Cars (Trunk lid or rear seat back which is in trunk space)

- Compact to Full Size SUVs (Fold up Rear Seats, Cargo Area Walls) 

- Compact to Full Size Trucks (Fold up Rear Seats, Cargo Area Walls) 


- Helicopters and Aircraft (Cargo Area Walls)

- Boats (Cargo Area Walls)

Securing RMP to Vehicle Seat

For Rear Fold Up Seats

- Loop two or more longer Bottom straps around the base of the seat and secure to the RMP on both sides of panel. Can be mounted under flip up seat base or on flip down rear row seat backs in the same fashion.

- Tighten to desired fit.

- Optionally lock the RMP panel by passing a cable lock through one of the holes or rectangular punch outs on the RMP panel and then loop through the metal base of the vehicle seat to lock it to vehicle.

For Seats with Exposed Metal Frames (MRAP and Similar)

 - If holes on outside of panel line up with metal frame, simply mark where screws/bolts will be on the Metal Seat Frame, drill and tap to accept screw/bolt of your choice.

- If existing holes on panel do not line up, mark and drill new holes in panel to pass mounting hardware through.

- Recommended to Mount panel using Nylon Spacers (5/16" x 0.25"ID available through GMT) to provide standoff.

Mounting RMP to Safe Door

Mounting to Internal Wood Panel of Safe Door:

- Line up RMP in desired location.

- Using "Hardware Mounting Kit - Self Drilling Screws with Nylon Spacers" available through GMT slide the Self Drilling Screw through the outside edge holes on the RMP, slide a spacer onto it, and then drill/screw into the wood paneling of the safe door.

- A pilot hole may be drilled if desired prior to applying screws/spacers.

Attaching Quick Fist Gear Clamps

- Set Backer Plate into punch out from back of panel at desired location.

- Accessories with multiple backer plates may need the backer plates to be oriented properly for either vertical or horizontal mounting

- Pass screws through rubber Quick Fist Clamp and line up with drilled/tapped hole in backer plate, secure by screwing into hole.

- Multiple sizes of Quick Fist Rubber Clamps are available to secure different sized tools.

- The same procedure can be used to attach any accessory that requires backer plates


Attaching MOLLE Pouches

Standard MOLLE Pouch Attachment to Grey Man Tactical Rigid MOLLE Panel Tactical Tailor MALICE Clip MOLLE Pouch Attachment to Grey Man Tactical Rigid MOLLE Panel Tactical Tailor MALICE Clip MOLLE Pouch Attachment to Grey Man Tactical Rigid MOLLE Panel

Maxpedition MOLLE Pouch how to attach to Grey Man Tactical Rigid MOLLE Panel WTFix Straps MOLLE pouch attachment to Grey Man Tactical Rigid MOLLE Panel WTFix Straps MOLLE Pouch attachment to Grey Man Tactical Rigid MOLLE Panel

Duraflex Speed Sticks MOLLE Pouch Attachment to Grey Man Tactical Rigid MOLLE Panel Duraflex Speed Sticks MOLLE Pouch attachment to Grey Man Tactical Rigid MOLLE Panel Blackhawk Speed Clips MOLLE Pouch Attachment to Grey Man Tactical Rigid MOLLE Panel

Blackhawk Speed Clips MOLLE Pouch Attachment to Grey Man Tactical Rigid MOLLE Panel G-Code Softshell Scorpion Mag Pouch and RTI Wheel attachment with backer plates to Grey Man Tactical Rigid MOLLE Panel G-Code Softshell Scorpion Mag Pouch and RTI Wheel attachment with backer plates to Grey Man Tactical Rigid MOLLE Panel

Upgrading to accept Velcro Hook/Loop Pouches

To upgrade any RMP to accept Hook backed pouches, morale patches, or accessories follow the below steps:

To adhere the Adhesive backed Velcro Loop tape to your RMP panel:

- Purchase "Low Profile Loop - Adhesive Backed - 1" Width" from GMT. 

- Ensure the panel is cleaned with an alcohol wipe and completely dry.

- Peel the backing off the adhesive backed velcro tape and place the loop section onto the panel. Press firmly into place, and then press further with a rolling pin or place heavy weight onto panel to compress and ensure full contact.

- Apply heat from a hair dryer to warm up the panel and the velcro, enabling the adhesive to "run" or liquefy enough to seep into the panel for a better bond.

- Optionally, use 3M Primer 94 to prime the surface before sticking the adhesive backed velcro into place. This promotes higher adhesion to the panel.

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United States United States


Exactly what I expected and is working out great.

United States United States

What I needed

This worked perfectly in the lid of my SKB I series 3613-12. I needed the organization that I got from this panel. It made my already good range box better. I just added pouches that I already had and some stretch cord to tie loose items.

Grey Man Tactical 34.75 X 13 RMP™ Review
Michael M.
United States United States

Gun safe mod

Here’s what I did with my gun safe. I wanted the AR15 and 870 where I could easily access them. I used one of the large molle pieces made for a Pelican case to hold the two long guns. You can see the metal buttstock cuffs at the bottom and the two large rubber clamps hold them in place. Orange tape around the releases. Then another molle piece above. They make awesome gear and are a pleasure to deal with! I’m still working on my truck and I have a couple of kayaks that will each have some Grayman molle in them soon.

Grey Man Tactical 34.75 X 13 RMP™ Review
Brian K.
United States United States

Excellent Product - Couldn’t be Happier

Met every expectation. Install was easy and my rifle sits protected and secure. Removing the rifle is easy and the clamps are simple to operate.

Grey Man Tactical 34.75 X 13 RMP™ ReviewGrey Man Tactical 34.75 X 13 RMP™ ReviewGrey Man Tactical 34.75 X 13 RMP™ Review
Greg H.
United States United States

Organized, available, and out of the way

On the drivers side. This panel and the 25.75x13" to span the entire length of the bed. On the passenger side another one of these panels. Both hung on t-slot railing attached to the camper shell's internal frame. Thumbscrews and 3D printed filler plates allows the panel to be removed by hand if needed.

Grey Man Tactical 34.75 X 13 RMP™ ReviewGrey Man Tactical 34.75 X 13 RMP™ Review
United States United States

Pelican Case Molle panel for Police Department

We purchased 3 Pelican case panels to mount in our patrol vehicles for patrol rifles. The panels were very easy to install to our patrol vehicles and are even easier to use with the quick release straps. The hardware to install the panel worked very well on a steel wall. The 6 supplied screws and spacers are great however for a long panel like the Pelican case panel 8 screws per panel would have made the panel a little less flimsy in the middle. I highly recommend these products, the customer service is outstanding and we will be purchasing again for future vehicles.

Grey Man Tactical 34.75 X 13 RMP™ ReviewGrey Man Tactical 34.75 X 13 RMP™ Review
Ryan M.
United States United States

Professional Organization

If you are looking for a lightweight alternative to the pick-pluck foam your pelican case comes with but without all the bulk of the foam, take a close look at these panels. These panels are rigid, lightweight and are easy to customize (as you may notice in the picture I included with the cut-outs for the base of the case- Pelican 1700). The panels lay flush with the interior, which means you will have to get creative with mounting. Paul offers great options on his site and he will gladly provide advice if you ask but it will ultimately come down to the intention of use (ie, mission specific, load outs, etc) I prefer to use heavy duty Velcro for the ability of modularity. Here's my breakdown: Good: lightweight, rigid, precision cut, customizable Opportunity: price, mounting I have two more Pelican case: 1510 and 1750 and I will be adopting these panels for these as well.

Grey Man Tactical 34.75 X 13 RMP™ Review

Patrol car modification

My law enforcement agency firearm tacticians understand vehicle CQB and the cover the vehicle can provide, so trunk carrying the rifle has been recommended, but no gear or policy has been in place for location yet. On top of that, keeping the rifle in an easily accessible spot, I often found my flashlight dead from all the other gear shifting around. I removed the stop sticks and mounted it to the trunk lid of my charger. I used your mounting hardware with the spacers, and they were the perfect size as long as I used the support mounts in the trunk, which give a stand-off from the actual lid. I mounted the stop sticks below, and rifle above with a slight overlap from the magazine. The Velcro straps are plenty strong enough to old it, but is not a good option for when you need to get your rifle in a hurry. I’ll be looking at other options, but figured I’d try the cheapest thing first and adjust from there. They only problem I have with the product is the rigidity. The weight of the rifle, combined with lack of anchor points, cause the product to bend. Easy solution is the support backer, not a big deal to me. Everyone in my office loves the product and once we have a working prototype, plan on pitching it to the firearms department for funding to Troopers who wish to have this system.

Montenegro, A.

G.M.T. MOLLE Rigid Insert Panel - Great Product

I have been looking for a MOLLE rack and I am glad to have found Grey Man Tactical. It fits nicely on the rear door panel of my FJ Cruiser and provides a strong a secure space to amount my outdoor gear. I highly recommended the Grey Man Tactical Rigid Insert MOLLE Panel.

Grey Man Tactical 34.75 X 13 RMP™ ReviewGrey Man Tactical 34.75 X 13 RMP™ ReviewGrey Man Tactical 34.75 X 13 RMP™ Review
Nate .

Backseat Storage

Easy to install. Convenient storage. Accessible and a great way to organize any of your gear needs.

Grey Man Tactical 34.75 X 13 RMP™ ReviewGrey Man Tactical 34.75 X 13 RMP™ ReviewGrey Man Tactical 34.75 X 13 RMP™ Review
United States


Great Product!

Grey Man Tactical 34.75 X 13 RMP™ ReviewGrey Man Tactical 34.75 X 13 RMP™ Review
Doc Z.

Started with my weapons bag... will be back for more!

I got the 34.75"x13" panel for my Hazard4 Smuggler, and first of all, it's a perfect fit. I initially wanted to just add some rigidity and snug mounting for my rifle, but I was able to do so much more! I also purchased the Safarliand QLS QD kit and a pair of quick release straps. With all of these products, I am now able to carry my primary, secondary, and a full loadout for both weapons together (7th mag in another pocket). This is a fantastic product, well designed and crafted, and I look forward to using the other panels in my order for my aid bag. More to follow!

Grey Man Tactical 34.75 X 13 RMP™ ReviewGrey Man Tactical 34.75 X 13 RMP™ Review
Jose R.
United States

Great Organizational Tool

Awesome and perfect Molle for my Tahoe that I utilize on security projects. Black on Black was the way to go for my needs. Thank you Greyman Tactical!

Grey Man Tactical 34.75 X 13 RMP™ Review
ray h.
United States

Great pannels for whatever you want to put it in/on

I have my greyman pannel mounted between the headrests of my 2017 Chevy Silverado. I have a Otac ifak, a medic kit and an extra softt-w tourniquet mounted front side. Backside is a 3M fullface respirator, a bearbutt hammock, some fire retardant gloves and a fire extinguisher. The molly gear was a little tricky to get attached but it is now exactly where i need it.

Grey Man Tactical 34.75 X 13 RMP™ Review
Thomas F.
United States

Awesome, genius product!

I love this thing! I bought the 13.75" x 34.75" and It fit perfectly in the back of my 2016 For Escape. I like to have my vehicle looking clean and neat on the outside, but carry the many tools I may need -- this MOLLE panel that I got from GreyManTac was the perfect solution to my needs! I was able to mount a 3-day bugout bag, IFAK, Trenching tool, Hatchet, BVM, and I still have space for more! I would definitely recommend any of their products and getting it to attach securely is not a problem! I simply strapped it to the back of my rear seat using the straps available from their site. They make a non-permanent option for those who alternate their setups or go through cars like clothes. :D

Grey Man Tactical 34.75 X 13 RMP™ Review
john s.
United States

RIP M for pelican case 1700 mounts perfectly to a large roto pax fuel can

Rigid molle panel for pelican case 1700 mounts perfectly to the larger size rotopax fuel can with a few rubber feet and some velcro cinch straps works as an excellent hunting rig for gun scabbord binocular case and miscellaneous accesories when fuel can is mounted to atv others have commented on how nice it works out and copied my rig

Grey Man Tactical 34.75 X 13 RMP™ ReviewGrey Man Tactical 34.75 X 13 RMP™ Review