Perfect for GoRuck GR1 26 and GoRuck Bullet 15L – Grey Man Tactical


Perfect for GoRuck GR1 26 and GoRuck Bullet 15L

First is my 10.75x19 in for the GORUCK GR1 26 (my original purchase). Note the carry handle and the Grimloc clips that I also purchased.

Next, the same 10.75x19 panel fit in my NOBULL gym bag that I use daily for coaching CrossFit. Note the second set of Grimloc clips at the bottom. Can’t believe how well all of this fits.

Finally, my third panel for he GORUCK Bullet 15L. The insert is actually for the 10L, but you will see how well it fills out the 15L. This is the bag I use for my “personal item’ while flying. Perfect for an iPad and some headphones, passport, pen, phone, flashlight, and other essentials.
I have handles on all 3, and use Grimloc clips to secure where I can.

Love the panels! they are exactly what I need for my applications.

 Thank you for the great products!


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