Large Rigid MOLLE Panel used as Vehicle Seat-Back Outdoor Gear Organiz
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Large Rigid MOLLE Panel used as Vehicle Seat-Back Outdoor Gear Organizer


Here at Grey Man Tactical, we want to make products that enable you to "conquer your gear" and enable easier access to your gear. One of our customers provided us with a great list of his outdoor, survival, overlanding and Vehicle Every Day Carry (VEDC) gear that he mounted on a 15in x 25.75in Grey Man Tactical RIP-M panel. Thanks Ed for the great review and information on your gear.


Outdoor Sporting Application Review

Title: Vehicle Seatback Rigid MOLLE Panel
Rating: 5 stars
Author: E.B.

I recently planned on taking a 3 week cross country trip visiting national parks and some funner cities. That was actually part of the reason I was putting everything together for the rip-m panel, this way the truck was organized for the trip. Rigid MOLLE Panel (RIP-M) 

In the bottom (big) pouch I have....

-4 carabiners- 2 for rigging/winching/hoisting and 2 for climbing.

-100' TITAN paracord (look it up if you don't know what it is, the stuff is awesome. has snare wire/fishing line/waxed jute incorporated into the 7 strands of paracord. its true survival cord)

-winch rope 100' x 1/4" good for about 14k pounds. closed metal loop on both ends. small and light enough to be used for a campsite, heavy duty enough for winching out a 1 ton truck, and it floats

-fenix tk60 flashlight

-nite ize cam jam connected to  about 10' paracord for clothes line/tarps or something similar

-nite ize cam jam xt for heavier applications using paracord OR winch line

-2 double sheeve pulleys good for a couple thousand pounds. (which if using two double sheeve pulleys, you have a mechanical advantage of 4 (400 pounds feels like 100 pounds))

-2 quick draws

-1 road flare

-spare Velcro straps and cinch straps Rigid Molle Panel

In the square pouch midway up on the left....

-two pack glowsticks

-stormproof matches


 -on that same pouch I also have my gps unit attached by molle webbing. this gps unit connects to my gps dog collars which are located on the red waterproof tube on the right side Rigid Molle Panel Rigid MOLLE Panel (RIP-M)

In the top left pouch...

my carry gun and one spare mag

what that gun is depends on time of year Rigid MOLLE Panel (RIP-M) Grey Man Tactical Rigid MOLLE Panel Streamlight

In Middle cylindrical pouch.... (water bottle holder)

-40 oz hydroflask insulated water bottle that has a paracord net on it to give me an additional 20-30' if I ran out

-streamlight protac hl3 flashlight in sheath on side of water bottle holder

-leatherman wave

-esee candiru


Middle tiny pouch under water bottle holder is a dump pouch. it stays empty until I need it and then it opens up into a bag that could probably fit two Nalgene bottles side by side

 Grey Man Tactical Rigid MOLLE Panel overland camping edc survival gear

Middle top above water bottle holder is empty. was going to use for sunglasses but I have one on my visor that I just continued using for convenience, so for now its empty

I did not include first aid kit, bug out bag, tarps, zip ties, tow straps/ratchet straps etc bc I keep all that stuff in the toolbox in my truck. so now between my toolbox and rip-m panel I have pretty much every thing I can imagine I would need.

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