Are you leaving home ready for the fight of your life?


Are you leaving home ready for the fight of your life?

I recently picked up some products from Greyman Tactical, honestly had no idea what to expect. I was just racking my brain trying to answer all the questions I had. Was the quality going to be top notch? How was a 0.188” thick piece of High Density Polyethylene going to hold a rifle and accessories? How would I mount it? What would I put on it? As you can see I had nothing but questions! I’m happy to tell you that I have all the answers for you!

I started by figuring out where in my vehicle I wanted to mount it. I decided to mount the RIP-M (Rigid Insert Panel – Molle) in the rear cargo area of my 2009 Chevrolet Tahoe LTZ. Once I figured this out, I busted out the tape measure. I skipped the old saying of “measure twice, cut once”. I went ahead and measured it about 10 times before I settled on the actual panel I wanted. I took the measurements from the area that I wanted to cover, and got on the inter-webs. As I went through each panel on the Greyman’s website until I found the one that was going to fit the best. I settled for the Insert Panel For made for the Pelican 1700 Case Lid (13in x 34.75in). I also picked out the "Hardware Mounting Kit - 6 Self Drilling Screws with Nylon Spacers" kit to secure the panel to my vehicle.

Once I had my panel picked out, I needed to figure out what I wanted to attach to it. The following is attached to the panel.

-        5.56 16” rifle

-        1 30round P-Mag with the rubber mag pull.

-        1 North American Rescue CAT Tourniquet.

-        Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Earmuffs.

I attached my rifle via the Rifle Mounting Clamps sold on their website. Now I don’t want my gun getting ripped off in a “Smash and Grab” nor am I an irresponsible gun owner. I’m waiting for the “LOCKDOWN AR-15 Mag Well Lock” to be delivered. This is going to make sure the rifle stays in my truck at all times. I don’t need some jerk running off with it and using it on innocent people.


Since my rifles magwell will be occupied by an “Anti Jerk Device” I went ahead and mounted my Magpul P-Mag to the RIP-M with the “Toggle Quick Release Shock Cord - Rifle/Multi Purpose Strap” designed by S.T.R.Ap, which a Veteran/LEO owned company. What makes this multi purpose strap the right choice? It keeps perfect tension on what ever you put in between it, but still allows you to pull whatever it is out quick and easily. I also have the rubber Magpul pull-tab install on the magazine. This allows me to quickly rip out the magazine when I need it! A second magazine will be added when I pickup another Toggle Quick Release Shock Cord - Rifle/Multi Purpose Strap.


Next up a North American Rescue CAT Tourniquet. Holding this down is yet another awesome product from S.T.R.Ap. This product is the S.T.R.Ap (Shock cord Tourniquet Retention Apparatus) by S.T.R.Ap. This does an awesome job of holding CAT in there nice and tight, by easy to get out.

Lastly I have my Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Earmuffs. If I do find myself having to pull this rifle and use it, I will take the time to put on the Ear Pro, its sub 5 seconds. Without it, your hearing is toast the moment you pull that trigger. So beside the fact that its going to saving your hearing to help you hear the enemy coming, its going to amplify everything around you so you can definitely hear that enemy coming sooner! It’s held down with Greyman’s Velcro cinch strap.

All an all, this set up is pretty awesome and keeps me prepared for anything the world is going to bring me when I am outside the home. I am very surprised at the quality of every product I bought. And yes, the 0.188” thick piece of High Density Polyethylene is strong enough to hold everything I have on it and more! There are so many uses for these RIP-M panels. It doesn’t have to just be for gun stuff. If you’re an Off-road guy, this is a great way to mount them tools or spare parts you take out to the trail. The possibilities are endless with these things!

Greyman Tactical is a Veteran/LEO company and I am happy to do business with them. They are some great guys and they put out an amazing product. I HIGHLY recommend you go check them out!

  - Guest Author Ben of 

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